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Virtual Bookkeeping

Cloud Accounting
• Company Profile set-up
• Preparing chart of accounts
• Data Transfer Services (Opening Balances)
• Book Clean-up and Bookkeeping catch-ups
• Transaction data entering
• Accounts receivable
• Accounts Payable
Other Virtual Bookkeeping
• Payroll processing
• Bank, Credit card and loan reconciliations
• Inventory management & reconciliations
• Fixed assets registers and depreciation schedules
• Investment account reconciliations
• Intercompany balance reconciliations

Virtual Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is one of the most important tasks for financial accounting, and eAccountant Global has one of the most experienced teams to handle it. When it comes to accounting and bookkeeping, we understand that what most of the enterprise looks for is expertise and experience to handle accounts. Our focus is to understand the needs of pour clients to provide customized bookkeeping services to them. We have assigned dedicated bookkeeping experts to all our clients so that they can directly connect with them at any time. Our team can easily manage your entire financial system, and through efficient bookkeeping methods, it will help you manage your finances.

What Services Can We Offer

eAccountant Global has various bookkeeping services on offer for our clients, which helps us provide proper insight into the enterprise about their expenses, income, and various other financial transactions. We ensure that proper reports are generated for our clients, with complete and transparent information about their accounts. eAccountant Global has been one of the most reputed names when it comes to providing professional bookkeeping services. Apart from handing the financial account, we also provide reports and information about various aspects such as payroll, Credit & Debits, Account receivables, and payables, inventory and reconciliation, etc.

We understand how different aspects of finance is an important part of the bookkeeping process, and we try to manage all of them properly so that our clients have complete information on hand. The best part about our bookkeeping services is the technology that we use with it. Since we use the latest cloud accounting technology, we can provide you with faster results than any other financial accounting firm. We make sure that our technology is regularly updated to the best and latest. It makes sure that our services are way ahead of the competition. Using cloud technology also helps us provide the data to the client at any time they want to. Therefore, if our clients want to access the bookkeeping records at any time of the day, they can restore the data from the cloud.

With the inclusion of technology, we all provide our clients with the latest reports and data related to the company’s finances. It helps us to serve our customers better and provide efficient results as well. We help our clients understand the latest laws and regulations associated with the finances and help them plan for financial activities like budgets by creating and providing transparent reports. Services like reconciling the expenses with the bank statement to keep track of the finances, tracking payments made and received, payroll system, where the salaries and compensation of the employees are tracked are just some of the things that we provide from our wide range of expert services. Bookkeeping has never been so easy for any enterprise, and we assure that our clients will find it much easier to handle their accounts and finances once we handle it for them. If you are looking for a tension free and efficient bookkeeping service, then there is nothing better than us.

Cloud Accounting Solutions

Company profile set-up
We technically assist Small and Medium business to set up its corporate profile in cloud software platform and help to set up all the master data such as company information, chart of accounts and source document customization.
Chart of Accounts
Preparing a proper chart of account in your company profile is a key for proper bookkeeping process. Well-planned chart of account maximize the efficiency of transaction recording and will reflect well-organized ledger for proper financial reporting.
Bookkeeping and Data entering
eAccountant Global provide specialized cloud bookkeeping services to our global and local clients with our dedicated team of professionals to increase the value of your business. We provide bookkeeping services for backlog clearing and day-to-day operations.
Data Transfer Services (Opening Balances)
We help the businesses with transferring balances to a new cloud based software from another non-cloud based software or from any manual accounting practices. We have specialized team of professionals who are capable of assisting you.
Book Clean-up and Bookkeeping catch-up
We help your business to clean up your ledger balances to show more accurate picture of your financial performance and position, also we undertake bookkeeping catch-ups if you are behind of your record keeping.
Accounts Receivable
Account receivable (AR) ledger is one of the most important area of recording financial transactions. Correct and efficient AR ledger helps to minimize conflicts of balance receivable from each customer and cater a well transparent statement of account for customers.
Accounts Payable
Having an accurate Accounts payable sub ledger is very important to assess the required cash outflows for liability commitments in the day-to-day operation. It minimize the dispute with suppliers related to balance outstanding and help managers of the business for proper cash flow management.

Other Virtual Bookkeeping Solutions

Payroll Processing
We assist our clients for administration and compliance function of paying employees and help to prepare monthly payroll with related transaction recording in the ledger.
Bank, Credit Card and Loan Reconciliations
Bank reconciliations and credit account reconciliations are the mostly important functions in accounts bookkeeping process. Proper and accurate bank and credit reconciliations play as an important milestone of a proper bookkeeping function.
Fixed Assets Registers and Depreciation Schedules
Our services includes maintaining of fixed assets registers on behalf of the clients and assist clients to reconcile between the physical fixed assets inventory and recorded fixed assets inventory. In addition, we provide accounting advises for fixed assets depreciation and other fixed asset transactions as per the generally accepted accounting framework and standards.
Inventory Management & Reconciliations
Inventory reconciliation is one of the most challenging bookkeeping issue of manufacturing and trading SMEs. We assist businesses to assess the appropriateness of the existing inventory controls and reconciling inventory balances through proper recording of inventory transactions.
Investment account reconciliations
We offer reconciliation services of the investment accounts based on the related guidelines of applicable reporting standards. Requirement for investment accounting is complex in nature and we assist our clients to best reflect their investment balances.
Inter-Company Balance Reconciliations
One of the major challenge of cooperates that operates as group of companies, in accounting reconciliation is to reconcile the inter-company transactions with subsidiaries and associate companies. Our services offer reconciliation of inter-company and related party balances to best reflect the financial position.

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